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Featured Plug-ins
final mix parallel voices for Website_ed

Parallel Voices $24

The best parallel compression for vocals ever created.

This is the plugin you have been dreaming about.


Analog Fusion $24

Finally, true analog console emulation without the noise. We modeled the two most popular consoles in history and fused them together in a single plugin.

1073 Modern.png

EQ-73 Modern $19

Everything you would expect. And more.

Classic look. Intuitive controls. Killer sound.

MasteringEQ9 $19

Precision Mastering EQ.

Smooth & Transparent, the EQ9 is the perfect choice for your Master Fader and for Mastering your final mixes.

WestlakeEQ6 $19

This is the instrument EQ you’ve always wanted. 

With an impressive +/-18dB Boost & Cut, the Westlake EQ will be the most powerful tool in your collection. Specifically designed for musical instruments. 

MixBussEQ7 $19

Incredibly smooth & natural. Undeniably musical. Specifically designed for your Master Fader.

Rob Chiarelli Signature Series

MixBusLite $19

Make your mixes COMPETITIVE.

Louder. Fatter. Fuller. Warmer. Clearer.

SynthBusLite $19

AMAZING on Keyboards.

Piano. Rhodes. Wurlitzer. Organ. Synth.

DrumBusLite $19

Make your drums MODERN.

Louder. Tighter. Bigger. Cooler. Better.

M1LimiterLite $19

A perfectly CLEAN signal path.

We should have named it the OMG plugin.

Bass_Bus_Lite_v4 Web_edited.jpg

BassBusLite $19

Get the low end RIGHT.

Louder. Fatter. Warmer. Clearer. Better.

ParallelDrums $19

Our Parallel Drums plugin will change the way you mix, forever. Absolutely Killer.

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