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Legacy Plug-ins


final mix parallel voices for Website_ed

Parallel Voices $24

The best parallel compression plugin for vocals ever created. This is the plugin you've been dreaming about.


Analog Fusion $24

Finally, true analog console emulation without the noise. We modeled the two most popular consoles in history and fused them together in a single plugin.

1073 Modern.png

EQ-73 Modern $19

Everything you would expect. And more.

Classic look. Intuitive controls. Killer sound.

MasteringEQ9 $19

Precision Mastering EQ.

Smooth & Transparent, the EQ9 is the perfect choice for your Master Fader and for Mastering your final mixes.

WestlakeEQ6 $19

This is the instrument EQ you’ve always wanted. 

With an impressive +/-18dB Boost & Cut, the Westlake EQ will be the most powerful tool in your collection. Specifically designed for musical instruments. 

MixBussEQ7 $19

Incredibly smooth & natural. Undeniably musical. Specifically designed for your Master Fader.

Rob Chiarelli Signature Series

MixBusLite $19

Make your mixes COMPETITIVE.

Louder. Fatter. Fuller. Warmer. Clearer.

SynthBusLite $19

AMAZING on Keyboards.

Piano. Rhodes. Wurlitzer. Organ. Synth.

DrumBusLite $19

Make your drums MODERN.

Louder. Tighter. Bigger. Cooler. Better.

M1LimiterLite $19

A perfectly CLEAN signal path.

We should have named it the OMG plugin.

Bass_Bus_Lite_v4 Web_edited.jpg

BassBusLite $19

Get the low end RIGHT.

Louder. Fatter. Warmer. Clearer. Better.

ParallelDrums $19

Our Parallel Drums plugin will change the way you mix, forever. Absolutely Killer.

Track Notes $7


This is the Final Mix TRACK NOTES plugin. It's a handy little plugin that allows you to save notes within your session. Just insert it on any Audio Track, Aux Track or Master Fader. Now you can save your notes, lyrics, recall information, whatever...

Simple and easy to use, the TRACK NOTES plugin will NOT change the sound in any way.

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